Juristic Intelligence
Over and above a well-founded knowledge of the law, we approach our work under an overriding principle, which is based on practical experience, sectoral know-how, critical discourse with colleagues and again and again on insight into human nature. We call this principle juristic intelligence – the ability to recognize, assess and effectively process the pertinent judicial questions.
The ability to grasp and process the implications of a case quickly and to react to procedural steps immediately is of decisive importance for the course and outcome of legal proceedings. This is why we count speed as one of the fundamental requirements.

The collaboration among several lawyers makes it possible for us to meet the ever more complex legal requirements in an optimal manner. To this end, the various different fields of competence and continual dialogue create a synergy which leads to fast results in finding a solution to the problems on hand. We incorporate numerous partners at home and abroad into a successful network, for whose quality we vouch.
By (juristic) flexibility we understand an intellectual agility which helps us to grasp at first glance and critically reconsider clear circumstances and facts and to call into question positions taken.